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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your CMS of choice?

All of our sites are designed in WordPress. To be more specific we use the Divi framework because it allows us to have clean code and elegant designs.

How many pages on your WordPress sites?

For SEO reasons, our WordPress sites are shipped with at least two pages. 

What is Digital Marketing integration?

Integration is the process were we incorporate all of the codes and scripts required in order to hit the ground running. In technical terms, our WordPress sites are shipped with: Google Search Console code, Analytics code, Google Tag Manager, Bing codes, Yandex codes and the rest of the codes the business need in order to function fully.

Do you offer hosting?

Unfortunately no and it is a choice that we believe has a positive SEO impact. Nevertheless we help clients find proper SEO web-hosting.


Pay Per Click is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. By careful ads creation and effective targeting  you can see your website traffic skyrocket within minutes.


Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing to strive for in the years to come. By making careful adjustments to your website you can see the traffic increase in a short period of time.


Each digital marketing tactic should be part of a greater strategy. For example: if you want to promote your brand before your products then additional funds should be allocated to “branded campaigns”.

Why won't you offer web-hosting?

Web hosting is something that needs to be examined in great detail. For example, business that want to have a digital presence in the USA will have different hosting needs compared to business that want to have a digital presence in Australia.

Can my site have pictures.

Of course. We also make sure that the Jpgs are optimized for the search engines.

Do your offer SEO ready sites?

Absolutely yes. We also make sure that the client knows what SEO is and how the site responds to the competition. 

Do your WordPress sites have support?

Yes, our WordPress sites come with APIs that offer lifetime updates and technical support.


The process starts with a conversation with the client and his/her business. Afterwards the client is presented with a mockup.


Not all WordPress templates are created equal but all follow basic rules which we can use in order to match the needs of the client.


WordPress is something that is easy to create but it does take time and effort to maintain because of plugins breaking, updates conflicts etc.

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